GALRY - Everything but a gallery

The agency

GALRY, a global agency offering the strong values of art and creation within the company


  • Production and management of artistic events
  • Curation and managing a collection
  • Private viewings
  • Studio visits
  • Exhibitions & Happenings


  • Art workshops, innovation and creativity in companies
  • Animation of seminars, company conventions
  • Artistic shows and interventions
  • Trainings and conferences
  • Sale and rental of works


  • Exclusive edition of objects
  • Event packaging
  • Trophies, corporate gifts, greeting cards
  • Partnerships and co-branding
  • Displays, merchandising

The values of artistic creation generate benefits for the company in terms of brand capital, well-being at work, motivation and support, creativity and innovation...

Art &

A 360° Vision :

  • Multi-partners :
    from collectors to companies
    and institutions
  • Multi-media:
    from artworks to conferences,
    from happenings to collective coaching through art
  • Multi-experience:
    from the Parisian gallery to exhibitions
    outside the walls, including corporate events