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Noble$$ - The gril type - 2023 - Techniques mixtes sur panneau - 75 x 75 cm

Noble$$ - The gril type - 2023 - Techniques mixtes sur panneau - 75 x 75 cm


Noble$$ is a French artist of Marseille origin born in the early 90s. He has been living in Canada since a young age. His creative style explores and seeks the urban space. The artist started graffiti at a young age and developed a passion for this ephemeral art form. He is highly attracted to street art, which can be altered, dirtied, embellished, or even destroyed. The street artist discovered his passion while traveling the world, always with a camera in hand.

Nobless’ pieces illustrate self-expression, and each one is created as a reflection of a memory. He captures his environment. Accustomed to expressing himself on long walls, Nobless has ventured into what he calls “eternal art”: he presents his creations on various smaller canvases. He considers it a more challenging exercise, but it allows his work to endure.

This art form is the opposite of street art, as it freezes in time and is far from his usual habits. However, his distinctive style takes hold of the canvases and works wonders! As an emerging and promising artist, Noble$$ is now represented on the international scene in several galleries in France, Switzerland, and the United States.

Noble$$ - Simpson - Acrylique sur papier, 75 x 75 cm

Noble$$ - Ghost - sculpture - 2023 ) Acrylique sur panneau - 27 x 75 cm

Noble$$ - sculpture - 2023 - Smack - Acrylique sur panneau - 48 x 82 cm