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Seaty - Alyson - Mixed media on canvas - 130 x 115 cm
Seaty - Alyson - Mixed media on canvas - 130 x 115 cm



Mixed media on canvas – American box, black wood - 139 X 123 cm

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The painting ‘Alyson’ by Seaty captures the essence of contemporary urban art. This piece is a portrait of the young Alyson, executed with photographic precision. The bright colors used for this painting are typical of Seaty’s style, who is known for his ability to merge photography and painting techniques to create incredibly vibrant and dynamic urban artworks.

Seaty’s technique involves the use of stencils and sprays to create sharp and precise images, which are then complemented by an explosion of bright and vivid colors. This technique allows him to bring his portraits to life in a striking way, giving them a unique texture and depth.

“Alyson” is a feminine name of English origin. It is often considered a variant of the name Alison or Allison, which means “noble” or “of noble birth”.

The choice of this name for Seaty’s painting could be related to its meaning, which evokes a certain elegance. It is also possible that the choice of this name is purely aesthetic, in order to integrate perfectly into Seaty’s painting, which highlights the beauty and vivacity of his subjects through bright colors and a unique stencil technique.