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Ode to life

This exhibition of XXL portraits signed by Seaty is a tribute to life and human diversity, celebrating the beauty and richness of each individual. The artist invites us to look beyond appearances and appreciate the complexity and depth of each human being.

The exhibition “Ode to Life” presents a series of large-scale portraits created by contemporary artist Seaty. Each portrait creates a striking impression of realism. The black and white faces, close to photography, blend with an explosion of colors and the street art universe of the artist.


From Chelsea to Yelena, passing through Hoian and Dwarka, Seaty celebrates human life in all its richness and diversity and offers us a message of openness, positivity and hope.

Seaty – DWARKA – Mixed media on canvas – 105 x 83 cm

Seaty – Alyson – Mixed media on canvas – 130 x 115 cm

Seaty – Viana – Mixed medias on canvas – 2022- 104 x 130 cm

Seaty – Hoian – Mixed media on canvas – 109 x 82 cm

Seaty – Yelena – Mixed media on canvas – 135 x 115 cm

Seaty- Chelsea – Mixed medias on canvas – 2022 – 137 x 112 cm