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Jordane Saget is taking over Monaco

The Street Artist's Fluid Lines in Monte-Carlo


Parisian street artist Jordane Saget has left his mark on Monaco with an exceptional artistic intervention. In collaboration with the Société des Bains de Mer, the 43-year-old artist has redesigned some of Monte-Carlo’s most iconic locations, infusing new visual energy into this luxurious resort.


Jordane Saget is known for his flowing curved lines, a trio of strokes that weave and interlace fluidly. Unlike many other street artists, Saget never signs his works. To him, his creations speak for themselves, and his distinctive style is easily recognizable at first glance. He uses a variety of materials, from Meudon white to biodegradable paint, to create his temporary works, adding a touch of poetry to urban spaces.


The Société des Bains de Mer gave the artist a great deal of creative freedom. Together, they worked on projects in places like the Café de Paris, the Jardin de la Petite Afrique, the pier at Monte-Carlo Beach, and the Terrace du Soleil behind the Monte-Carlo casino.

Saget’s lines, created with biodegradable materials, are designed to fade over time. At the Café de Paris, they’ve already disappeared, but remain on a chalkboard inside the venue. In other locations, such as the Jardin de la Petite Afrique, the lines linger a bit longer, transforming familiar landscapes into temporary works of art.

Jordane Saget – Café de Paris, Monaco – @SBM

Art in motion

Jordane Saget approaches his works with great flexibility, allowing room for improvisation and spontaneous inspiration. His fluid lines curve and shift, creating organic forms reminiscent of the movement of water or wind. For the street artist, the ephemeral nature of his art is key, adding a dimension of temporality to his creations. The lines aren’t intended to last forever; they evolve with the environment and eventually fade over time.


In addition to his work in Monaco, Jordane Saget has also created art in Paris, Taiwan, and Japan. In Paris, he’s left his mark in various locations, including the metro, bridges, and streets. He’s also collaborated with well-known brands, reimagining advertisements with his fluid lines. His partnership with Agnès B in Japan demonstrates the reach of his influence in the contemporary art world.

In Monaco, his works have brought a touch of modernity and creativity to iconic locations while offering a unique artistic experience to both visitors and residents. With his distinctive approach and poetic vision, Jordane Saget continues to move the lines and push the boundaries of street art.

Jordane Saget – Monaco – @France3region @SBM