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Richard Orlinski

“By creating, I release my positive energy. I would like my creations to help people canalizing their dark thoughts, to transform them into beauty.”
A key artist on the French and international art scene, Richard Orlinski has been fully dedicated to art for over 15 years. The sculptor defies constraints and constantly innovates to create new light effects and work with new materials. The artist uses mainly contemporary materials such as resin and aluminum. He also invests marble, stone or bronze.
Orlinski creates his works around the concept of Born Wild© and questions the transformation of a primordial instinct into a civilized emotion, creating works of art that act on our impulses, on our archaisms. He offers us simple but strong figures that evoke animality and savagery. This does not prevent him from preserving an almost hypnotic beauty to his creations.

Since 2015, Richard Orlinski has been ranked by Art Price as the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world.

Richard Orlinski - Standing bear, detail

Richard Orlinski - Standing bear - Resine, 30 cm - Numbered sur 50

Richard Orlinski - Wild kong - Red - 30 cm - 2023

Richard Orlinski - Wild kong - Red Orlinski - 30 cm - 2023 - Edition of 100

Orlinski - Wild kong, blue Mauritius - 30 cm 

Orlinski - Wild kong, blue Mauritius - verso

orlinski - red heart - 32 cm - 2023 - Edition of 50

Orlinski red heart

Richard Orlinski - Wild kong - Blue up - 30 cm

Richard Orlinski - Wild kong love - Glossy black, cherry red heart - 45 cm

Richard Orlinski x Pac man - Resin - 12 x 12 cm - signed

Orlinski x Pac Man - 5 sculptures - signed - 12 x 12 cm each