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Save the date

Ode to Women: an exhibition featuring Valérie Hadida's sculptures and Seaty's paintings, to be discovered from June 15 to September 30 at the Commanderie.

Nestled in the heart of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, the Commanderie de La Commande is a site classified as a historical monument, whose beauty and history captivate visitors. This gem of heritage, located in the heart of the Jurançon vineyard, offers a unique tourism experience, making it an unusual destination just a few steps from Pau.

We have the honor of being invited by the Flâning Béarn association to kick off the summer season. On the agenda: presentation of the medieval garden redevelopment, the Hortus Miraculorum tour, a new exhibition, and the Bulle Verte walking and cycling trail!

The artistic experience kicks off for a weekend with 9 artists and artisans, focusing on the close relationship between art and craftsmanship. The adventure then continues until September 30 with a duo of artists presented by Galry: Valérie Hadida, showcasing sculptures and drawings, and street artist Seaty, featuring paintings.

 “Ode to Women: Intersecting Visions” offers a rich and contrasting exploration of feminine representations, blending the delicacy of Valérie Hadida’s sculptures with the vibrant energy of Seaty’s paintings.

Valérie Hadida’s sculptures, these “little women” full of life and poetry, evoke stories of companionship, transition, and sisterhood. Each of her works reveals a fragment of the female journey, from adolescence to maturity, imbued with subtle emotions and human connections.

Seaty, on the other hand, brings his urban touch through striking portraits that blend realism and creativity. His works, often in black and white, are enhanced by bursts of vivid colors and graffiti elements, expressing the diversity of feminine identities and cultures.

This exhibition offers an intersecting vision where worlds meet, where tradition and innovation unite to pay tribute to women. “Ode to Women: Intersecting Visions” is a visual journey that invites contemplation, reflection, and celebration of the richness of female experiences, where each sculpture and painting tells a unique story.