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« Breath of Life” settles in Troyes

The first public commission by artist Valérie Hadida, orchestrated by GALRY for the city of Troyes.

On May 17, 2024, in the presence of Mayor François Baroin, the curator of the Museum of Modern Art in Troyes, Daphné Castano, city officials, and numerous guests, Valérie Hadida’s sculpture “Breath of Life” was unveiled to the public. This bronze sculpture represents a breath of freedom turned outward. It serves as a landmark for passersby, like a beacon in the heart of the city.

This inauguration follows two years of work on Place Langevin. The square now offers a beautiful terrace area for relaxation, optimized pedestrian circulation, refreshing fountains, and charming, colorful landscaping.

Nestled in its verdant setting, the “Breath of Life” sculpture embodies a vibrant celebration of the present moment, echoing the life force that animates each of us. It is the artist’s very first public commission and the first contemporary public sculpture in Troyes by a female artist.

After 2 years of renovation, Place Langevin, near the town hall, has been given a new look. It is within this green haven, in the shade of a beautiful rhododendron, that “Breath of Life” finds its serene place. This latest bronze sculpture by Valérie Hadida was conceived and created for the city of Troyes.

This beautiful project was orchestrated by Galry for the city of Troyes.