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A new artistic booth designed by Richard Orlinski for Photomaton

In partnership with Galry since 2015, Photomaton has been granting artists creative freedom, including, for the second time, Richard Orlinski.
After their initial co-creation in 2018, Photomaton and Richard Orlinski are presenting a new photo booth this year featuring the artist’s iconic Wild Kong. This three-dimensional project combines sculpture, design, and photography.
A true popular icon, the Photomaton booth has over the years become a blank canvas for some artists seeking a challenge. An essential figure in both the French and international art scenes, Richard Orlinski continues his collaboration with the Photomaton booth, personalizing it to reflect his own style, this time with a ‘so pink!’ Kong for this edition. Following the intense blue of 2018, the sculptor has opted for this entirely new pink color. Reimagining the famous Photomaton booth, an iconic part of French daily life, was a natural choice for him in his quest to make art accessible to everyone. His world, centered around animals with incredible dimensions, colorful and adorned with graffiti, faceted styles, draws its origins from pop culture.

Cabine Photomaton x Orlinski


Since 1998, the Photomaton brand has been part of the ME Group, formerly known as Photo Me. As a global leader in the instant service automated equipment market, ME Group has built its history through 60 years of innovation. At the heart of the “Photo.Me” division, Photomaton encompasses all photographic solutions. From next-generation instant identity photo booths to printing solutions and kiosks, Photomaton’s 28,000 products are present in over 20 countries.

The booth will be on display in “Le Salon” at La Vallée Village until July 31st. You can have your portrait taken there for free, with your face surrounded by the artist’s inspiring universe. It will then continue to travel to temporary locations, both in France and abroad.